2022 Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies (MCCS) at Silk Road School Renmin University of China

Silk Road School launched in Suzhou campus, Jiangsu Province, since 2018. It has enrolled 212 students from 64 countries during last 4 years with the support of all parties. They followed the courses of Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies (MCCS) at Silk Road School in Suzhou, a two-year English masters program There are four available specializations such as Chinese Politics Chinese Economy Chinese Law, and Chinese Culture. Graduates will be awarded the RUC Diploma in postgraduate Studies and the degree of Master of Laws. During their stay, students will be given access to a privileged range of cultural and academic experiences, from travel to all corners of China to exchanges with global leaders and mentorship with experts in their chosen discipline. And it is expected to enroll around 50-80 students in September 2022. offer full scholarships to students.

Silk Road School: http://srs.ruc.edu.cn/

Online Application (deadline, April 30th 2022): http://international.ruc.edu.cn/application

Template of Foreigner Physical Examination Form and letter of guarantee http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/ENGLISH/Download/ApplicationDocuments/index.htm

Tel: 86-010-62516305*8206
Email: srsruc@ruc.edu.cn

Life in Silk Road School for your reference:

  1. 2019.12.31, 2020 Silk Road School New Year Celebration
  2. 2019.12.30, Students of SRS Visited Yiwu City
  3. 2019.09.12TheOpeningCeremony ofSilk RoadSchool(2019-2020)Was Held Successfully http://srs.ruc.edu.cn/English/News/492b5665352549d0b7834f5126da9829.htm
  4. 2019.05.31ThefirstBRIGlobal Mentor Project launches in Beijing http://en.rdcy.org/Index/news_cont/id/58965.html?from=singlemessage
  5. 201911.23Students ofSRS Visited the 2019 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo