Based on the theme of this year’s World Ocean Day, in order to stimulate the awareness of young students among ASEAN and China to protect the marine environment, 3rd ASEAN-China ‘Learning about Ocean’ Student Film Competition (2022-SFC), which is supported by ASEAN-China Centre and National Maritime Museum of China, co-organized by ASEAN-China Smart Ocean Center (ACSOC) of Tianjin University and Fujian Institute for Sustainable Oceans (FISO) (Xiamen University) is now open for entries

1. Topic of SFC
Marine Environmental Protection

2. Participants of SFC
Students enrolled in the universities of China and ASEAN.

3. Organizers of SFC
Support Units: ASEAN-China Centre, National Maritime Museum of China
Organizer: ASEAN-China Smart Ocean Center (ACSOC) of Tianjin University
Co-organizer: Fujian Institute for Sustainable Oceans (FISO) (Xiamen University)

4. Schedule of SFC
Submission of films 2022/6/8 -2022/11/7
Scoring of films 2022/11/10 -2022/11/30
Thumbs-up of films 2022/11/10 -2022/12/9
Award ceremony 2022/12/19

5. Entry website of SFC

6. Information of SFC
(1) The total time of each submitted film should not exceed five minutes. And its content should match one of the topics in the following categories

  • Marine Carbon Neutral
  • Marine-related Energy
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • Other Marine-related Pollution
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Marine Ecological Restoration
  • Marine Microplastic
  • Marine Industry
  • Guardians of Ocean
  • Blue Silk Road: Stronger Connection Among You and Me

(2) All film content must be original, copyright free or have written permission, and be properly documented; otherwise the participants will be disqualified immediately.

(3) Chinese or English are acceptable, but the films must have English subtitles.

(4) Each participant could submit three films in different categories at the very most.

(5) ACSOC will own the copyright and have the free license to edit and use the
submitted films without more advanced notices.

(6) ACSOC reserves the right to disqualify any film that does not meet the above eligibility

Contribution Fee
The contribution fee will be awarded to the top three winning films in each category:
One for 1st Place: RMB 5000
Two for 2nd Place: RMB 3000
Four for Peoples’ Choice Award: exquisite gifts
(The above amounts are all in RMB and do not involve the calculation of exchange rate. All
contribution fees are pre-tax amount.)

As appropriate,a number of additional 3rd Places will be awarded depending on the overall quality and quantity of the submissions. All of the participants will receive presents and certificates. You are warmly welcomed to contact us at

ASEAN-China Smart Ocean Center
School of Marine Science and Technology
Tianjin University
June 7th 2022


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