My 3 years in China | Nichapat Pikulthong

Hello, My name is Nichapat Pikulthong, my Chinese name is 裴慕洁(PéiMùJíe). My nickname is Nammon. I moved to Beijing 3 years ago. I was 9 years old, and now I’m 12. I spent 4th-6th grade in Fang Cao Di International school, and a month of 7th grade in Beijing No.55 Middle School.

China is really amazing, there are so many things you couldn’t normally see in Thailand, the technology here is also very impressive, and the buildings, too.

I like when it rains lightly, the atmosphere is calming, the weather is just right and there aren’t many cars on the street, so I like to hangout with my friends when it’s raining. The sound of the rain is so satisfying, it’s also refreshing. But I don’t like rain in the summer, it’s refreshing too, but when the temperature suddenly changes, it makes my nose bleed, and that’s annoying. That’s why Fall and Autumn are my favorite seasons. As for Winter, it’s not that bad, it snows, I like snow, but it’s also very cold.

For new foreigners, it could seem quite hard to adjust to China, but it’s really not (as long as you prepared for the weather).

But what I find hard to adjust to is school. If you haven’t learned any Chinese beforehand and your school uses Chinese as a main method of teaching, you will find it very hard to understand teachers. In my old school, we used Chinese for every classes, and they teach things really fast, so if you don’t understand something it’ll be inconvenient for you to ask for them to repeat or go slower. Speaking about school, the school also chose me to participate in the 2018  ‘One Belt One Road’ event, we practiced everyday and sometimes we go home at 10 pm. They took me to Xi’an for 4 days too, we went there to see the Terracotta Warriors, we did many activities and got to stay in a hotel. It was very beautiful, I chose my best friend Apple to be my roommate, those 4 days were really fun. We also had Pajama parties and other holidays celebrations. Now, back to Chinese
In lunch, we can tell the food lady what we want and what we don’t want, if you can’t speak Chinese then we won’t be able to tell them what you want/don’t want. Speaking about food, the food here is also very tasty, it’s usually spicy and that’s why I like it. I like to go out and eat spicy noodles with my friends so my parents doesn’t have to cook for me.
China is really peaceful, I can go anywhere I want without worrying about getting robbed or kidnapped, but I still have to be aware of my surroundings.

I like my compound, there’s a small supermarket inside and a little cafe, there are also vending machines, which in my opinion is very convenient. Every apartment is also in good condition, but what I like the most is the big yard outside, we can play football and many other sports.

In my opinion, the best sceneries are the ones with trees. So if you want to visit places with good scenery, I recommend you visit “The Great Wall of China” the view there is great, you can see many things from up high, and enjoy the beautiful mountains. You should visit it with your friends, too, nothing is fun without friends.
Since I made many good friends at school, I like to hangout with them on weekends, we usually go to ‘Sanlitun SOHO’ or ‘The Place’. It’s really fun there. We can take photos together. Sadly, when Covid-19 came, we weren’t able to hangout as often anymore. We were quarantined and had to study online, It wasn’t that bad though, atleast everyone was safe.

To be honest, before I came to China, I didn’t prepare much. But my parents did sign me up for Chinese classes every Wednesday. And when we’re in China, we also visit Thailand from time to time, usually when I’m on my school break.

One thing I noticed after coming back from a visit to Thailand is that the technology is really different, or it’s just because I lived in an old neighborhood, either way, China’s technology is quite far ahead.

I’ve learned many things in China, I know the basics of taking the bus, and I can use the GPS.

This was my experience in China, I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to come to such a great place. Thank you.